Mother’s Day special

It’s been a while that I’ve blogged. This time it’s not my work or promoting my new work that’s motivating me to reach out to you all. It’s Mother’s Day that’s getting me all excited.

Vanraj and me

Mother- a person whose value is understood best after marriage especially for a daughter. You realise all the small things she would do for you only when you’re away from her. And you understand your mother even better after you become one.

A mother knows what her child wants even when the baby has not even learnt to talk. Being a mother I know I can go to any extent for my childs safety, security & happiness.

My mom, niece, nephew and me

Here’s wishing all my mommies happy motherhood !!

Let’s honor the women who raised us and sacrificed for us!

Here are a few ways you could celebrate this Mother’s Day :

1. Bring her a flower

2. Give your mother a herb plant

3. Cook her favourite breakfast

4. Give her a locket with your photo

5. Make a card for her

Lastly I’d like you to share any one of your funny stories or happy memories with your mom !! The most loved story wins a free portrait session!!

Here’s mine :

In July 2016, Mom and me randomly made a plan to travel to Dubai. That was by far the best dubai trip I’ve ever had. From visiting the Sheikh Zayed mosque (where my mom has to wear the burkha…lol) to partying in the night at the clubs in Dubai. We had a great holiday and chilling ..

Mom and me in Dubai

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