Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

I wanted to write a personal blog today about what I find meaningful and true.

Like most of my blogs, my life is a lot about work. I love working as a photographer. I like to work hard and make sure I am always one step ahead of everybody else. I never stop wanting to improve my skills and overcome anything that stands in my way.




In this journey of being one among the best, being grateful is sometimes forgotten.

 Gratitude is one of the important characteristics a person can possess. It means being thankful and showing appreciation. It is acknowledging and appreciating all that we have been given. It is also one of the values I sometimes struggle with.




In my endeavour to be successful I often forget to accept everything good that I already have. I wake up every morning feeling unsatisfied with my progress, desiring more, when I should just wake up happy. My mornings comprise of making a check-list of the tasks I want to complete that day when I should be living in the moment, being thankful for the gift of one more day.




I wonder, do I really want to be this competitive? At what cost do I want to reach my goals? I don’t always like the answers to these questions and that’s when I know I have to be calm and learn to be grateful for what I have. I need to find happiness in every thing- big or small- that I have and in what I am. It may seem easy to some, but for me it’s one of the most difficult things to do. It takes time to train your mind to accept and practice gratitude; it is more than just values, it is a habit. These days I am trying to do that by complimenting or encouraging each person that I meet, and even myself. I am learning to be less critical and more appreciative.

 This is the path I’m on- from being pedantic to being grateful.












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