Out-Of-Town Newborn Photoshoot

baby toddler newborn photo shoot shooting mumbai india

Shilpa Bala is a VJ, actor, orator and a dancer. She had seen my work and messaged me on Instagram on 27th September enquiring about my services. She lives in Puducherry and asked if I could fly down there to do a newborn photo session with her daughter, Yamika. I haven’t flown out of Mumbai to do a photography session before, but I saw it as a great opportunity and said yes. Within a week, I was in Puducherry.

Yamika is a happy baby and, happy babies are easy to work with. She was always smiling, sleeping and awake, which made the photo session a piece of cake. Her grandmother (Nani) was also a big part of our session, albeit behind the scenes. She adored her granddaughter. She would sing to Yamika to put her to sleep. She would also make her smile and keep her calm. Nani’s warmth was not limited to Yamika alone, it filled the air.

Shilpa and her mother were such pleasant women to work with, and so was baby Yamika, that our session was over in no time. It was a wonderful, beautiful newborn photoshoot.

Newborn photography with baby Yamika
Newborn photography with baby Yamika
Newborn photography with baby Yamika

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