Labdhi and Harshal Pregnancy Photoshoot at Home

Labdhi called me in November for a maternity photo session. She and her husband wanted to do a chic photo shoot outdoors, in a garden or on the beach. Over the phone, we decided to meet in person and discuss the photo session and creative concepts. On the day of the meeting though, she was tired and called me to let me know that she wont be able to meet with me. Her OB-GYN suggested that she get some rest. I was quite looking forward to doing a glamorous photo session with Labdhi but my policy has always been health over heels.

A few days later she called me again, to book a session, this time at her home. They had changed their mind about doing the photo shoot outdoors. With the change of mind, she wanted a particular drape to cover her, for the photo session. All her styling needs were met by our stylist who’s very skilled in draping our pregnant clients. In the end, we conducted the photo session in the comfort of their home, it lasted no more than two hours and, Labdhi and Harshal made for a perfect, happy parents-to-be.


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